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The 28-year-old .am domain is the capital of the Armenian world

About 40,000 domains are registered in the .am domain, which celebrates its 28th anniversary this year. 60% of registrations are from Armenia, the rest from abroad.

Domain registrations from abroad, especially from the USA, have become active.

If previously China was in the first place of registrations, now the .am domain is registered more from the USA (17%). China is in second place with 6.2%, Russia is third with 2.3%.

By the way, until now the most expensive .am domain was resold by a Chinese on the secondary market, receiving for it 160,000$.

According to “Internet Society” NGO, manager of .am and .հայ domains, activation of domain registrations is observed in Armenia, especially from regions. This trend became noticeable especially during covid period, when the Internet became a more active work platform.

“The .am domain is the “capital” of the Armenian world, a strategically important point on the Internet, for the development of which a huge amount of work has been done in recent years. And we can record that the .am domain fully complies with the norms accepted by international standards in terms of security.

“Internet Society” NGO makes daily efforts in the direction of national domain development and the enrichment of Armenian content on the Internet,” says Kristina Hakobyan, a Board member of the “Internet Society” NGO.

In terms of regional comparison, the .am domain occupies a stable position. There are about 41,000 registrations in the .ge domain, 30,300 in the .az domain.