Internet Socity NGO


Joining the non-profit organization “Internet Society” is a quick way to participate in Internet governance.
You may join the “Internet Society” NGO if you are an 18 years old citizen of the Republic of Armenia or a legally recognized company that has been registered there in accordance with the law.

How to become a member

To become a member of the “Internet Society” NGO you need:

  • to get acquainted with the Charter of the organization,
  • to fill in the relevant application (individual, legal entity) and send it to together with the copy of the document mentioned in the application.
At the Board meeting, your application will be examined. When your membership has been approved, you will be notified.

You must pay the annual membership cost.

  • Within 10 working days of receiving notification that your membership has been approved for the first time.
  • The annual membership fee for subsequent membership years must be paid by March 1 of the applicable year.
The annual membership fee of “Internet Society” NGO is:
  • for an individual – 5000 (five thousand) drams,
  • for a legal entity – 30,000 (thirty thousand) drams.
You will start receiving emails from the Internet Society at the email address you provided once your membership has been approved.
 Internet Society NGO operates in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
The main objective of the organization
  • To manage “.am” and “․հայ” top level domain name zones.
The goal of the organization
  • To promote the development of the Internet in the Republic of Armenia.


Abovyan Hrachia
Abrahamyan Mher
Aghajanyan Hovhannes
Aleksanyan Andranik
Alexanyan Hovhannes
Andreasyan Manuk
Antonyan Karen
Artenyan Karen
Artsruni Anna
Atoyan Arman
Babajanyan Kristina
Babajanyan Viktoria
Baghdasaryan Mushegh
Bdoyan Lilit
Bznuni Avetik
Dallakyan Ani
Dashyan Kristine
Derdzakyan Narek
Derdzakyan Narine
Galstyan Galust
Galstyan Lianna
Ganapetyan Arsen
Gasparyan Karen
Gevorgyan Karlen
Gevorgyan Katarine
Gevorgyan Vlad
Ghazaryan Karapet
Ghazaryan Levon
Ghazaryan Margarit
Grigoryan Artur
Grigoryan Ashot
Grigoryan Gagik
Grigoryan Hrayr
Grigoryan Tsovinar
Gyonjyan Kristine