Internet Socity NGO

“Internet Society” NGO and “Armenian Commercial Internet” are peers.
Commercial Internet in Armenia started in 1992.
“Internet Society” NGO was registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia in 1995. The founding meeting of the organization took place on August 4, 1994.
The creation of “.am”, its own domain name zone, became possible after Armenian`s participation in the INET93 international conference.
In order to meet the main requirements announced at the conference and to create a national domain name zone, a professional initiative group was formed. As a result of the latter’s work, “Internet Society” NGO (ISOC) was registered and is operating up to day.
The activities assumed by the “Internet Society” NGO were discussed at the third international conference INET 95. The Armenian Information Network Center (AMNIC, established under the direction of ARMINCO LLC, was granted the authority to manage the “.am” top-level domain in 1996 by IANA.

Currently, AMNIC operates in the structure of an “Internet Society” NGO, has a separate system and directly implements the works in the management process of Armenian domains.

The official release day of the “.am” domain name zone is considered August 26, 1994. The “.am” domain name zone currently develops steadily and effectively.

Along with global developments, ISOC also created “.հայ” ccTLD. This Armenian domain was launched on May 5, in 2016.

As a result of Internet development in 1998, the functions of IANA were transferred to the newly created ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) corporation. The management of the national domain was reconfirmed in 2000, and an agreement ensuring the relationship between ISOC and ICANN was signed in 2007.
“Internet Society” NGO is one of the creators of the Armenian Internet Traffic Exchange ARMIX Foundation. ARMIX facilitates the exchange of Internet traffic between information service providers in Armenia, ensures the independence of the Armenian Internet domain name zone, and facilitates communication with international channels.
ISOC is a project member of protecting children from online threats ( In order to support the development of safe Internet content, it was created an Armenian Internet monitoring group, which analyzes websites using modern network technologies and conducts rating evaluation.
Thus, the “Internet Society” NGO to a certain extent promotes the development of Internet content in Armenia, quality improvement, supports the development of e-democracy, e-government, e-education and publicity in the AM zone and Internet society.
Being a member of many international structures, “Internet Society” NGO consistently contributes to the spread of the Internet in Armenia, ensures the stability and reliability of the national internet infrastructure, especially the servers of national domain names. Implements various Internet development and online literacy programs.
The scope of the organization’s activities includes the modernization of the Armenian segment, the introduction of new security standards (DNSSEC), new version of IPv6 protocol addressing, as well as the creation of parallel servers of the national domain name zones.