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Smart solutions for the Yerevan Botanical Garden

Nine teams made up of students from various parts of Armenia and the capital city will create and present SMART solutions for park management in the framework of the “Smart Botanic: hackathon: smart solutions in the Yerevan Botanical Garden” event.

Today, November 7, the hackathon’s first round got taking place. The participants were presented with issues related to greenhouse maintenance, irrigation, protection, and maintenance. Director Arsen Gasparyan claims that practically every step of park development and management requires innovative approaches.

The Yerevan team plans to develop a heat-sensitive drone that will provide monitoring and be able to quickly detect and prevent fires and various other dangers in the second phase of the event, which is scheduled for November 18.

With the help of self-controlled irrigation and heating systems, groups of schoolchildren from the Gegharkunik marz villages of Karchaghbyur and Lusakunk will create a model of a smart greenhouse that can automatically measure air temperature and soil moisture content and match plant species norms.

“These kinds of initiatives are essential and encouraged. When it comes to development, they can also be interesting outside of Armenia “Deputy Minister of High-tech Industry Davit Sahakyan welcomed the hackathon attendees and encouraged them to apply for the Ministry of ICT’s grant programs in order to implement the best ideas.

The chair of the board of the “Internet Society Armenia chapter” NGO, Vesmira Harutyunyan, made a statement. “The goal of this program is to stimulate teenagers’ interest in information technology. We consider it important to establish a setting in which their smart ideas can be put into practice. The establishment of Yerevan Botanical Garden, the capital’s essential infrastructure, may be the outcome in this instance.”

Organizers of the hackathon included Yerevan Botanical Garden, Internet Society IOT SIG, “Smart City Community Development Innovative Center,” and “Internet Society Armenia chapter” NGOs.

“You offer yourself the chance to contribute to the growth of both the global economy and Armenia’s economy by going into this field. “Maintain and grow your passion to join the Internet community and bring your ideas to life,” Vahan Hovsepyan, the chair of the Internet of Things special interest group, told the attendees.

On November 21, during the closing ceremony, the hackathon’s outcomes will be outlined and presented. Prize money will be given to the winners of the best ones, which will be chosen.

Implementing the developed solutions will also be assisted by the organizers.