Internet Socity NGO

Our reserve exists in the regions. Igor Mkrtumyan

In Armenia, 96% of people have access to the internet, so there is no gap in internet availability. Broadband Internet access is available in 66% of settlements, a sign of the digital divide.

Approximately 90 renowned IT companies are represented in Armenia and are drawn in by the professional potential of our nation. In Armenia, there are thousands of open positions in the field at the moment.

In the regions is our reserve. There, individuals are more driven. And they need broadband Internet to use the online learning resource,” Igor Mkrtumyan, Chair of the board of the “Internet Society” NGO, stated on November 3 at the 8th Armenian Internet governance forum.

It was assured to the forum attendees by Deputy Minister of High Technologies Avet Poghosyan that 80% of Armenian settlements will have broadband internet by 2026, in accordance with government plans.

Experts also talked about the role of artificial intelligence at ArmIGF 2023, taking into account the potential for digital education as a priority. Thanks to student initiative, artificial intelligence is already incorporated into our nation’s educational system. Experts advise, however, that in order to prevent harm, AI must be methodically introduced into educational procedures and used to steer students toward the field of problem-solving.

“We’re already using the fourth generation of the AI toolkit. It is not flawless. When using it, we should be aware of more than just ourselves and prepared to spot when a student is using AI in an inappropriate, harmful, or productive way, according to Candidate of Technical Sciences Artak Khemchyan.

The educational institution should be involved in the scientific processes of creating AI, according to experts, in order to ensure that it is never defeated.