Internet Socity NGO

New project in 6 regions of Armenia

The project “Digital Literacy in the Regions” includes 3 courses: computer literacy, internet literacy, social media literacy. In 2022, it was implemented in libraries in 6 regions of Armenia. The experts presented 150 participants of different ages and professions the necessary information to navigate the digital world and become a part of nowadays society.

The possibilities of arranging one’s own work in these platforms in line with contemporary developments, as well as strategies for avoiding risks on the Internet and social media, were covered throughout the first two courses.

The computer literacy course participants were given access to useful techniques for fixing technical and software issues with computers.

To improve the Internet connection at the libraries hosting the project, new Wi-Fi routers and fixed computers were given to each of them. An online meeting was held after the in-person training to address any questions that came up when the newly acquired abilities were being used.

Through the “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” PO’s “Digital Literacy in the Regions” project, the organization seeks to promote Internet use, ensure access, and improve regional quality of life.

Igor Mkrtumyan, the Board Chair of “Internet Society” NGO is convinced that by supporting the program “Digital Literacy in the Regions “Internet Society” NGO practically contributes not only increasing the quality of digital literacy and digital security, but also creating a connection between the Regions and the capital city.

All the participants from Armavir, Artik, Artashat, Gavar, Hrazdan and Vanadzor, which hosted the project, testify the same.