Internet Socity NGO

6th anniversary of ․հայ as an opportunity to create Armenian content on the Internet

“Internet Society” NGO being the manager of .հայ domain name zone celebrates the 6th anniversary of .հայ by implementing various projects.

The next one is the “ ” competition campaign, which was joined by “Wikimedia Armenia” scientific and educational NGO. This year’s competition campaign is aimed at enriching, modernizing, and supplementing the content of Armenian Wikipedia concerning Armenian history, culture, and science.

“Wiki .հայ” will be launched on May 5 and participation applications will be accepted until May 15. After that, a 15-day course will be organized for newcomers. The next three-month work phase is intended for the creation, editing and publication of new articles. After summarizing the results, monetary reward will be awarded to the editors who created high-quality and comprehensive content.

According to “Internet Society” NGO Board member Kristina Hakobyan, the organization is also trying to contribute to the sustainable development of the Armenian domain name zone with this competition and encourages people who create Armenian content.

Armenian Wikipedia, which contains about 300,000 Armenian articles, within the framework of this competition campaign was supplemented with about 700 Armenian articles last year.

Mher Bekaryan, co-founder of the scientific and educational “Wikimedia Armenia” NGO is sure that this year more can be expected from “”.