Internet Socity NGO

.հայ Net competition for Armenian websites registered in .հայ

Websites with Armenian content registered in the .հայ domain name zone once again have an opportunity to participate in the “.հայ net” the best websites competition.

From May 5 to September 30, applications for participation would be accepted. The applications with the “best design” and “best Armenian content” awards would be taken into consideration by the professional committee.

The design contributing to the site content visibility would be important as well as content promoting the recognition of Armenia and Armenian topics on the Internet and search engines.

“հայ net” is one of the new initiatives of “Internet Society” NGO dedicated to the 6th anniversary of “․հայ”․ For the first time it was implemented on May 5, 2021, the launch day of .հայ, the 5th year of the domain’s zone creation.

The competition is a wide-range initiative. It is conducive for increasing the effectiveness of the Armenian presence on the Internet and tries to encourage the expansion of the Armenian environment on the Internet.