Internet Socity NGO

“.հայ is celebrating its 7th anniversary with unprecedented development opportunities.”

The Armenian national domain,.hay, has been in existence for seven years. The domain, which was created on May 5, 2016, has already received 1000 registrations.

The national domain is celebrating this year with unparalleled success, as genuine opportunities to widely develop the domain have been developed within the context of the global “Universal Acceptance” campaign.

Those who own a .հայ domain, in particular, can register and utilize a totally Armenian e-mail address, which is unparalleled.

“It became possible to have a fully Armenian e-mail address thanks to software settings made in international networks and systems, as well as the efforts of the technical team of the “Internet Society” NGO.” Furthermore, those with a .հայ domain can not only register such an e-mail address, but also use it in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other programs and systems,” said Kristina Hakobyan, the board member of ISOC Armenia NGO.

For several years, the “Universal Acceptance” movement has been underway with the goal of broadening the applicability of national languages on the Internet and making the Internet more accessible. It founded and continues to establish the Internet Corporation for the Registration of Domain Names and IP Addresses (ICANN), in collaboration with Google, Apple, and other industry giants.

In Armenia, the movement is supported by the “Internet Society” NGO, which is a member of ICANN and manages country domains. “By joining the “Universal Acceptance” movement, the NGO not only solves technical problems so that our society can communicate on the Internet in their native language, but it also makes Armenia and Armenian recognizable among the world’s languages,” emphasized at the press conference held in the press hall of “Armenpress.” Kristina Hakobyan.

Thus, there is already no problem of recognition of Armenian letters in international systems. But the process of recognition and acceptance continues, and the systems still do not recognize Armenian. Therefore, until this problem is resolved, when searching for the domain in the search engine, you should put the dot in Latin letters.

“The process of technical adjustments continues and at a fairly fast pace. The problem is that our public should understand why we need an Armenian .հայ domain. Most importantly, it eliminates the problem of transcription, for example, if you are a radio station called “Truth” and you work with a local audience, how should people find your website address in Latin? With an Armenian letters domain, they will certainly find it easily, but how should they be transliterated in Latin letters?
Answering the question, “What opportunities and problems can be faced by those who have a domain in .հայ?”, Verdyan emphasized that this domain domain is in no way inferior to widely distributed Latin domains in terms of technology.