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“The active work of the Armenian registry is an indicator for foreign partners

“Technical solutions have already been developed by our team.” They can be utilized in Armenian with the.hay domain as well as in other languages. “The goal is to enable the use and search of Armenian e-mail, domains in different operating systems: Google, Microsoft, and other systems,” explained Aram Verdyan, coordinator of the technical team of the “Internet Society” NGO, during the regional conference on March 28 in Yerevan.

The technical team’s efforts have resulted in fully Armenian e-mail at the local level, on local servers, which is outstanding. In terms of universal acceptance, the active work of the Armenian registry, “Internet Society” NGO, is an example for many and should be emulated. This was stated at the conference by Andrey Vorobyov, director of the .ru domain coordination center.

“And this is despite the fact that there are currently around 700 operating websites in the Russian national domain .рф, and Russian content is the second largest in terms of volume on the Internet,” Vorobyov explained.
Serbia, Egypt, and Uzbekistan also outlined their plans for ensuring the universal acceptance of national domains and e-mail addresses registered with them on the Internet.

Dejan Dukic, the director of the “Serbian National Domain Registry” Foundation, believes that his country’s efforts and outcomes are not equal. “We created four Serbian Cyrillic fonts that are widely used on websites.” We are attempting to create .RNIDS and .CRB domains. In the national domain, we still have 2000 registrations. However, the Latin alphabet remains far more popular among our people.”
By the way, the last fact is shared by all countries taking part in the meeting.