Internet Socity NGO

164 Armenian studies articles in 7 days

The annual “” contest is presently underway, with 22 wiki editors taking part. 164 articles were generated over the first week.

The “” project is being coordinated by the “Internet Society” in partnership with the educational non-governmental organization “Wikimedia.” This project honors the 7th anniversary of the introduction of the ․հայ national domain.

As a result, the “Internet society” contributes to the development and modernization of Armenian content on the Internet.

From August 1 to 31, the editors will be working on new articles and re-editing existing ones.

Anyone with a research mentality and the ability to work with sources is welcome to enter the competition; especially knowledgeable professionals are invited to present our country’s history in Armenian Wikipedia with accurate material and to preserve it free of distortions.

The winners of “” will get cash prizes from the “Internet Society” NGO, and those who exceed the activity requirement will receive certificates.