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Regithon 2022. Striving for leadership in domain registration

As of May of 2022 Armenian registrar organizations have registered and served 40000 .am domain names and more than 1100 .հայ domain names.

The results were presented and the issues of the sector were discussed at the “Regithon 2022” held on May 14. Which is organized by the “Internet Technologies Center” LLC each year. As a commercial and technical operator of the domain name registry “Internet Technology Center” LLC presented the developments of the field, the steps taken in the direction of Internet and server service.

Igor Mkrtumyan, president of “Internet Community” NGO, noted that during the past year, steps were taken to update AMNIC, Asnet and DNS servers.

In terms of technical equipment, Armenia is not inferior to the regional countries, however, in terms of domain registration, for example, Georgia currently ranks higher. Therefore, according to “Internet Technology Center” LLC Director Kristina Hakobyan, steps should be taken to increase the number of registrations. According to her, REGITHON is a good platform for cooperation development to discuss technical, legal and operational issues.

By the way, at this moment there are 62 registrar organizations in the Republic of Armenia. 17 of them also register ․հայ domain.