Internet Socity NGO

ISOC Armenia took part in Georgian IGF-2022

The delegation of ‘Internet society’ NGO participated in the 8th Georgian IGF-2022.

At the conference, the activities of ISOC Armenia as well as the Fellowship programs maintained by ICANN and the RIPE NCC organization were presented.

Being the manager of ․հայ domain name zone, the ‘Internet Society’ NGO considers the growth of ․հայ domain and the expansion of Armenian content on the Internet as one of its primary goals.

Currently, .am domain name zone has over 41,000 registered domain names, while .հայ domain name zone has more than 1,000 registered domain names. It is important to follow to ICANN’s guidelines for registration domain names in national language and for universal acceptance. We are working toward giving domain registration priority, remarked Kristina Hakobyan, Board member of Internet Society NGO, in her speech.

At the Georgian IGF-2022, Siranush Vardanyan, Board member of the Internet Society NGO and head of ICANN’s Fellowship program, presented the application process and requirements for joining the Fellowship and NextGen@ICANN programs run by ICANN. ‘ICANN’s initiatives are intended for representatives of developing communities. They will have the chance to raise the issues affecting their community and find solutions on a global level by taking part in these activities. They will learn about the organization’s activities and get the information and skills related to Internet management.

“RIPE NCC is a regional internet registry that, along with its partner organizations, attempts to support the secure growth and operation of the internet both globally and within its service region, which includes Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia, and the Middle East.”  The company serves as the RIPE community’s secretariat. Working groups allow anyone interested in Internet development to join the community. In addition to actively participating in the Internet governance initiatives in other areas, such the Youth IGF, ArmSIG, and ArmIGF, RIPE NCC also serves as a member of the Secretariat of the Interdepartmental Group of the RA Internet Governance Forum. Vahan Hovsepyan is the Director of the RIPE NCC Caucasus and Central Asia Regions and a board member of the Internet Society NGO.