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I-root server will serve ARMIX in Yerevan

Netnod operates, one of 13 Internet DNS root name servers. I-root service is provided by 70 currently operating nodes.

Armenia is included in this list of hubs as of July 8 as a result of an efficient partnership that began in the summer of 2022.

The response time of the I-root server for Internet users with ArmIX connections has decreased by nearly 100 times to 0.5 milliseconds, which is significant for the nation.

I-root is not the only one of the 13 servers operating in Armenia. In addition to NetNod, ArmIX also cooperates with PCH and RIPE NCC, serving 5 more servers.

PCH’s cluster in Armenia provides fast access to more than 400 ccTLDs, as well as DNS server service at
AuthDNS of RIPE NCC ensures the availability of reverse DNS zones of other RIRs of the world as well as 80 ccTLD zones in addition to RIPE.

Apart from that, ArmIX is a participant in another special RIPE-NCC project, deploying and servicing the Atlas system Anchor. You can assess any Internet connection’s accessibility and service availability using the Atlas system.