Internet Socity NGO

․հայ domain name zone is 6 years old

“Internet Society” NGO celebrated the 6th anniversary of .հայ on May 5, the day of launching the Armenian domain name zone.

The expansion importance of .հայ domain name zone was presented to the public by the awareness campaign held in Mashtots Park and online photo contest held within its framework.

Several dozen participants of the competition took pictures with ․հայ Armenian frame, published their photos on Facebook, mentioning the hashtags # հայատառդոմեն #հայդոմեն, as well as, ինտերնետ․հայ Facebook pages.

The winning images were those that received the most likes and shares and had the most creative content.

The winners, Kristina Gevorgyan and Edgar Ramazyan, were awarded the .հայ prize, a gift card of the bookstore chain “Bukinist”.

The manager of ․հայ “Internet Society” NGO is continuously working to expand the Armenian domain name zone and enrich the Armenian content on the Internet.

Launched on May 5, 2016, more than 1,100 domains of ․հայ domain names have been registered in the Armenian domain name zone.