Internet Socity NGO

Wiki.hay-2023. 769 new articles in Armenian have been added to the online encyclopedia.

In just one month, 32 editors of the online Armenian encyclopedia “Wikipedia” produced 769 new articles. The “Internet Society” NGO (ISOC.AM) and “Wikimedia” conduct the yearly “Wiki.hay” contest, which served as the framework for this project. The goal of this project is to encourage the creation of articles on Armenians and to improve the quality of Armenian content on the Internet.

The competition’s outcomes were determined on November 29 during the award ceremony. The total number and quality of the articles were compared in order to assess the task. Five wiki editors were recognized as the best, and they were given money prizes and certificates of participation from “Internet Society” NGO. Two editors also received incentive certificates.

The winners of “Wiki.hay-2023” awards are: Armine Aghayan-Flish, Ara Trvants, Armine Sirakanyan, Slavik Sahakyan, Marina Gevorgyan, Volodya Grigoryan, Monika Pashikyan.

“We strengthen and protect the borders of our country in that area by enriching the Armenian content on the Internet,” stated Mher Bekaryan, co-founder of the scientific and educational non-governmental organization “Wikimedia.”

As representatives of the Armenian community and as an organization, it is strategically important for us to improve the Armenian material on the Internet today. We have been working with “Wikimedia” on a regular basis for the past three years, and we are pleased to report that this competition alone has allowed us to develop almost 2000 articles,” stated Kristina Hakobyan, the “Internet Society” NGO board member.