Internet Socity NGO

The “Internet Society” NGO course’s equipment maintenance techniques

The first enemy of a phone or any other equipment is dust, the second is moisture. For long-term use, the equipment should be protected from dust and moisture. This is the first and most important condition for the longevity of the equipment.

Vahan Misakyan, member of “Internet Society” NGO, started the meeting with journalists on October 29 with this advice. He presented in detail the measures to keep the equipment safe and secure.

The expert claims that it is entirely possible to prevent significant costs as well as to independently resolve issues that initially appear to be difficult and regular breakdowns. Vahan Misakyan used a computer as an example to show how and what to use to clear the dust that has gathered within the device, locate, and replace the damaged part without any risk of making a mistake.

Given the significance of equipment in their job and the proposal from the “Internet Society” NGO, journalists were invited to take part in this practical and informative session.