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The best Smart solutions were awarded

Proposals have been made to digitize and improve the efficiency of the Yerevan Botanical Garden management through the use of smart solutions such as voice assistants driven by AI, remote-controlled smart greenhouses, an air composition-determining aviary, and other smart devices.

During the “Smart Botanic. smart solutions in the Yerevan Botanical Garden” hackathon, ten teams consisting of schoolchildren and students from different regions and the capital came up with smart solutions.
On November 21, there was a closing ceremony. Observing the solutions brought out, the expert jury underlined their significance and the necessity of further development for a few of them.

Self-regulating lighting, irrigation, and heating systems that sense air temperature and soil moisture are features of the suggested smart greenhouse models. By using automated systems and remote control, they enable the provision of the required conditions for every kind of plant.
It is a tool to verify security, availability, and condition.
The birdhouse-looking device, which measures the air composition, may be a useful tool in preventing fires because it keeps the park’s avian residents quiet.

Three teams received monetary prizes for their efforts, and the best of the submitted Smart solutions were acknowledged.
The first prize went to Petros Paronyan and Hayk Asoyan’s for the “Remote observation and automatic control system” project, the second to “AGreen” team for the “Digital interactive map”, and the third one to “Smart Tree” team for the “Air composition checking birdhouse” project.

“The main reason this event matters is that it provides a chance to evaluate our youth’s IOT readiness. Our group will strive toward having the outcome become a specific application in the Yerevan Botanical Garden. The IT sector is, after all, the long-term driver of Armenia’s development, according to Igor Mkrtumyan, chair of “Internet Society Armenia chapter”.

The hackathon was organized by the NGOs “Internet Society Armenia” and “Smart City Community Development Innovative Center”, the Internet Society IOT SIG and the Yerevan Botanical Garden.