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The awards ceremony of «․Հայ»-net and «Վիքի.հայ» took place

Official announcements of the «․Հայ»-net and «Վիքի.հայ» annual competition results were made today. The top 3 editors for “Wikimedia” were identified, along with the top 5 websites under the “.Հայ” domain.

The “Internet Society” NGO which is in charge of managing «․Հայ» and “.am” domain registrations, and “Wikimedia Armenia,” a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific and educational endeavors, collaborated to organize these competitions. Their principal aim is to help the expansion, famous, and advertising of websites with Armenian content that are registered under the “.Հայ” domain. Additionally, they seek to honor and inspire content producers that offer excellent resources on the internet.

The following are the websites that won in the several categories of the «․Հայ»-net competition:

  • «հայաստանով.հայ» -The best Armenian content in the field of services,
  • «ֆիզիկա» – The best Armenian educational content,
  • «բառուկ․հայ» –  The best game, entertainment content in Armenian,
  • «անցավ․հայ» – The best Armenian professional page,
  • «վեդրո․հայ» – The best creative idea.

The organization gifted the “Armenpress” news agency, as well as the writer, and publicist Mher Arshakyan the “.հայ” domains «արմենպրես.հայ» and  «մհերարշակյան.հայ» in order to advertise themselves in that domain zone and to create Armenian content.

284 articles were written in the “Wikipedia” online encyclopedia in 2022 by 12 editors who participated in the “Wiki.Hay” competition. Heghine Khachatryan, Armine Aghayan, and Davit Ordoyan are the winners.

The winners received awards and certificates from the “Internet Community” NGO.