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The 7th anniversary of “.հայ” will be marked by two competitions: .հայ-NET and

On May 5, the “Internet Society” launched the annual “.հայ-NET” competition in celebration of the 7th anniversary of the introduction of the Armenian national domain .հայ.This year’s competition is titled “On the Internet with.Hay” and is open to children aged 10 to 16. Participants are permitted to use a short animation to express their thoughts on the subject. The competition closes on October 10th. The rewards will be distributed, and the winners will be announced on November 10, 2023.

On the same day, the traditional ”” competition will be launched in collaboration with the “Wikimedia” scientific and educational NGO. “With these initiatives, we hope to broaden recognition and distribution of the Armenian national domain, as well as enrich and develop Armenian content and encyclopedic data on the Internet,” said Kristina Hakobyan, a member of the Isoc Armenia NGO Council, at a press conference held in the press hall of Armenpress.