Internet Socity NGO

“Students’ education in the area of Internet governance”

Members of the board of the “Internet Society” NGO, Kristina Hakobyan and Vahan Hovsepyan, delivered the keynote addresses.
The students of the RA institutions received information about the educational and practical programs of the international and Armenian public sectors of the IT sector as part of the project run by the Eurasia International University.

Armenian students may be eligible for grants and scholarships from international organizations like ICANN, Global ISOC, and RIPE NCC as well as NGOs like “Internet Society” and the “Internet Society Armenia Chapter.

“For effective professional orientation and job success, awareness of opportunities is just as crucial as knowledge. According to Kristina Hakobyan, a member of the NGO Council, the “Internet governance school, ArmSIG” provided by ISOC Armenia Chapter is a good opportunity.

“RIPE NCC works towards the stable and secure development of the Internet on a global scale,” said Vahan Hovsepyan, Director of External Relations for the Caucasus and Central Asia Regions at the European IP Address Network Coordination Center (RIPE NCC). Anyone interested in the development of the Internet is welcome to join the organization through community working groups. This is an excellent opportunity, particularly for students and instructors.”