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Internet Fragmentation. Global Challenge

The digital world reflects changes in the global order, significantly decreasing the chances of a unified Internet.

The world is facing a choice on whether to connect to the Chinese or the American system in order to use the 5G connection due to the fragmentation of the Internet.

This dilemma stems from the United States’ intention to ban the use of Chinese telecom equipment. It was established last year by the USA law on “Reliable Equipment”.

The Chinese firms ZTE and Huawei may be included in the “black list” of forbidden parties that the US national telecommunications regulator (FCC) is required to compile in accordance with the aforementioned regulation, it was reported in October.

Government organizations in the United States are already instructed not to cooperate with businesses that employ Chinese telecom equipment.

The 7th Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF-2022) reviewed the economic, financial, technical, and other challenges Armenia would face if it joined one Internet governance system over another, fully acknowledging that the fragmentation of the Internet is becoming a global challenge.

“Recently, the “Internet Society” NGO also received a request from the US embassy. They asked whether the organization uses Huawei or ZTE equipment. Even without this survey, it is clear that the mentioned ban can affect Armenia if the republic starts the process of transitioning to 5G communication,” said Vice-Chair of the Board of “Internet Society” NGO, Grigori Saghyan, at ArmIGF-2022.

Meanwhile, the 5G network is the next-generation Internet connection, to which the world will face a difficult choice. As a result, two Internets may appear: “Chinese” and “American”.

In general, all nations, but especially Armenia, should consider their options in this topic from a geopolitical, security, and military security viewpoint. Although the country hasn’t yet launched its 5G network, preparations are being made, according to Karen Grigoryan, head of the ministry of high-tech industry’s telecommunication department.

Armenia is trying to overcome the process of Internet fragmentation without losses. In which preliminary calculations and correct orientation are extremely important. The Government of the Republic of Armenia does not yet specify the dates for the introduction of 5G communication.