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Even with Pentium 4, the new initiative from ISOC will solve the problem of regional library management.

“A new software solution has been developed as a result of ISOC Armenia extensive work experience with the regional libraries of Armenia and needs analysis. A new digital library management tool created by ISOC can be used with a Pentium 4 machine.

While we plan to turn libraries into community internet centers that offer some online services to the community as well, developing the digital capabilities of libraries is crucial. We will continue the work in the regions this year as well, said Igor Mkrtumyan, the ISOC Armenia NGO Council chair, with the assistance of the “Internet Society” organization and in collaboration with the “Team Telecom Armenia” business.

The library management tool can be used in a variety of languages and is Unicode compatible. Windows-based operating system.
There are numerous other such programs available, but they can only be used on computers with high technological specifications (corei5), not those found in our areas. Because of this, ISOC experts were tasked with developing a program that satisfies all functional criteria but operates within more limited technical constraints.
It guarantees the accurate registration and administration of all bibliographic data. The application process is quick and easy. A bibliographic database of 40,000 works from local libraries is already present.

As part of the “Support to Regional Libraries” and “Digital Literacy in the Regions” initiatives of the ISOC Armenia and ISOC Armenia chapter NGOs, the initial version has been implemented in the regional libraries of Armenia. The regional libraries in Lori will shortly adopt the upgraded version of the application.