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Dsegh’s library will also have new technology features

The “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” PO, under the leadership of its president, Igor Mkrtumyan, paid a visit to the Dseghi Culture Center. During their visit, they took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the existing conditions and the potential of the library at the center. This visit is likely aimed at assessing how the organization can support and implement new technology features, as promised, to further develop and enhance the library’s capabilities.

During the meeting between the administrative head of Dsegh, Garnik Hovsepyan, and the representatives of the library, along with the members of the “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” PO, a decision was made to include the Dseghi Culture Center’s library in the “Creation of community centers in the Lori region of Armenia, based on digitized libraries...” program initiated by the “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” PO.

Furthermore, the administrative head of Dsegh expressed his commitment to supporting the implementation of the project, indicating that the local authorities are willing to collaborate and facilitate the successful integration of the library into the community center initiative. This decision is expected to further enhance the services and opportunities available to the residents of Dsegh village and its surrounding areas.

As part of the previously mentioned program, the organization has successfully furnished 14 libraries in 10 communities within the Lori region with computers equipped with digital management software, WiFi routers, and high-speed broadband internet connection.

The primary objective of this initiative is to transform these libraries into educational and cultural Internet centers, fostering an environment that promotes reading and overall development within the communities. By providing access to modern technology and digital resources, the program seeks to empower the local residents with valuable educational opportunities and cultivate a thriving learning atmosphere in the region.