Internet Socity NGO

Digital Tools in Business: A Course for Entrepreneurs

The development of the Internet has created limitless opportunities for businesses in the digital realm. To enhance the skills required to leverage these opportunities, the “Internet Society” NGO launched the course “Business in the Digital Environment: Opportunities and Challenges” as part of the events commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Armenian national domain .am.

“The digital world provides tools for achieving high efficiency and competitiveness that are applicable across all fields. Our aim is to introduce these tools and demonstrate the practical benefits of utilizing them,” stated Kristina Hakobyan, Vice Chair of the “Internet Society” NGO.

Mamikon Arakelyan, the Director of Organization and the main speaker of the course for entrepreneurs, discussed free options for showcasing businesses online and how to effectively utilize them.

Mamikon Arakelyan said, “The website, social media pages, and e-mail addresses are effective platforms for the promotion of any business. It is possible to create them for free and use other modern technological solutions to introduce your business and develop it.”

The mechanisms for reducing IT infrastructure costs in business through cloud technologies, automating accounting, order processing, and other business processes, as well as elucidating customer requirements with analytical programs, were also outlined.

During the practical segment of the course, participants were introduced to online tools by specialists and proceeded to create a prototype website and business card page for their business.