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Cyber security and SMM course for librarians of Lori region

The initial stage of the project, which involves transforming the libraries in the Lori region into community centers, is almost finished. Thanks to the efforts of the “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” PO, all 14 libraries have been equipped with computers installed with digital library management software and WiFi routers to enable fast internet connectivity.

“Creation of community centers based on digitized libraries in Lori Marz, Armenia…” upon completing the project’s initial phase, the organization conducted a course in Vanadzor. During this course, experts from the organization provided essential training to over 30 employees representing the 14 regional libraries. The training covered fundamental topics such as cyber dangers and the principles of safe and effective utilization of social media platforms.

Particularly emphasized during the course was the paramount importance of security, highlighting that libraries should have their own dedicated websites in addition to their social media pages, where they can publish all relevant information. To aid in this endeavor, the experts from the organization offered their support to the libraries in registering websites with the .հայ domain.

Furthermore, the course attendees were introduced to the benefits of utilizing an online library management program, which significantly streamlines and enhances the library management process.

Emilia Keghinyan, the director of the Stepanavan Central Library, expressed her enthusiasm for the digital management program’s implementation, highlighting its potential to reduce organizational workload and enhance service quality. She also noted that the course has empowered them to be more active and technically proficient in utilizing social networks.

Additionally, the course welcomed representatives from the Dsegh village library and the administrative district, although this library was not initially involved in the program. Nevertheless, the organization pledged to take necessary measures to include the Dsegh village library in the program, ensuring they also benefit from the digital transformation initiative.