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ArmIGF – a platform for participating in global Internet governance processes

The 7th Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF-2022), which brought together participants from Armenia and abroad on November 10, served as an inclusive, open forum for discussion and collaboration.

In collaboration with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia, “Internet Society” NGO, and “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” NGO, the interdepartmental group “Internet Governance council of the Republic of Armenia” organized ArmIGF-2022.

“Our safe presence in the web environment is as important as in life. We have to build a cyber-army and stay up with Internet developments at the same time. Armenians feel safe and secure in their online community, which is also Armenian. Igor Mkrtumyan, Chair of the Board of Internet Society NGO, welcomed the attendees of ArmIGF-2022. “We have been organizing Armenian conferences on Internet Governance for seven years, and we are trying to contribute to the implementation of innovations in the field in our country and, of course, to jointly prevent dangers,” he said.

Professional groups involved in Internet governance discussed the opportunities and difficulties of using contemporary technologies in Armenia at the subject discussions of ArmIGF-2022.

The era of satellite communication is beginning to impact Internet development.

Internet fragmentation is becoming a major issue on a global scale.

Will NFT domains become a competitive or collaborative field for TLD domains?

Broadband internet access is helpful for assisting vulnerable people..

What changes in Internet information management and legal requirements could there be?

With the discussion of these issues at ArmIGF-2022, the global Internet trends and the potential directions for Armenia’s Internet development as well as solutions to difficulties were updated.

“Based on the conference’s outcomes, we can conclude that Armenia’s professional circles are aware of Internet advances and the problems they face. The response in the private sector is more operative. The Government also works in that direction.

Additionally, it’s critical to boost collaboration and build an effective plan for the Internet’s growth, according to Kristina Hakobyan, Board member of “Internet Society” NGO.

The forum’s explanations, which are presented at annual sessions, are directed at the applicable situations in order to pinpoint the existing problems with Internet governance and create all-encompassing solutions.