Internet Socity NGO

Albert Toneyan, Vice President of the ISOC Armenia NGO, became an independent member of the Board of Directors of Team Telecom Armenia

One of the pioneers of the Internet network in Armenia, Albert Toneyan, has joined Team Telecom Armenia’s board of directors as an independent member.

He is the co-founder and director of the “WEB” company, which offers internet services, as well as the vice president of the “Internet Society” Armenia NGO.

The Armenian internet traffic exchange fund “Armix” was founded by Albert Toneyan, who currently serves as its chairman.

“Armix” is in charge of ensuring the security, reliability, and connectivity of RA’s communication networks. All significant Armenian telecom companies have been connected by the fund at various points.

Due to the localization and application of technologies, Albert Toneyan’s multifarious activities helped the overall development of the IT sector in Armenia.”