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Academic Engagement Day – expanding the Internet governing community

Leading experts from Internet development groups spoke at the Russian-Armenian University’s “Academic Engagement Day” which was attended by students and professors. The latter received presentations on the effects of the Internet on the growth and development of the creative economy, scholarship and grant programs offered by RIPE NCC, ICANN, Internet Society, and partner organizations, as well as initiatives to improve capacity.

“These projects and programs support the primary educational programs. Realities of today allow you to utilize and administer any goods and services remotely while requiring only an internet connection. This is what’s crucial for the industry as well as the country’s future”, stated Kristina Hakobyan, the director of the “Internet Technologies Center” LLC and the board member of the “Internet Society” NGO, referring to the grant and scholarship schemes run by the Internet Society and ICANN.

The Director of External Relations of RIPE NCC for Caucasus and Central Asia Regions Vahan Hovsepyan, provided details about joining the RIPE NCC ecosystem, possibilities to take upcoming courses, grants, and certified specialized programs.

“In an effort to support the secure growth and operation of the Internet globally, RIPE NCC is working with its partner organizations. Through working groups, anyone with an interest in the growth of the Internet can join the RIPE NCC community. This is a great chance, especially for professors and students. Also, you have already made the first step by becoming familiar with the information”, mentioned Vahan Hovsepyan.