Internet Socity NGO

A computer for participants who actively engage in the “Internet of Things” course

After demonstrating active participation and keen interest throughout the two-month “Internet of Things” programming course for teens, the “Internet Society Armenia chapter” NGO presented the two participants with laptop computer.

Shahen Gyurjian is from Goris, while Lilit Alikhanyan is from Vanadzor. They possess strong skills and are enthusiastic about the idea of focusing in IT. “The robotics club at school taught me a lot, but this course gave me new knowledge and made me friends. In any case, programming will be my future,” Lilit stated.

“I already have the computer, which is a necessary study aid. I really felt the need. Thank you very much; this is a much-needed gift for me,” Shahen remarked, promising to succeed.

The “Internet Society Armenia chapter” NGO will keep giving students interested in the IT industry the chance to get up-to-date information and instruction while upholding the fundamental values of its operations. The president of the “Internet Society Armenia chapter” NGO, Igor Mkrtumyan, said this and added: “Real knowledge and abilities are recognized in the labor market. Additionally, teens should be taught how to use computers, acquire the fundamentals of digital literacy, and pursue any career in the field of information technology. The Internet is a limitless resource for self-education. It could have a significant impact on our nation’s future.

The two-month sessions were attended by 80 teenagers, 12 of whom had special needs, from Yerevan and other regions of the republic. Together with UNICEF, the initiative was carried out.