Internet Socity NGO

Internet development projects in Armenia

“Internet Society” NGO is committed to its statutory goal to contribute to the development of the Internet in the Republic of Armenia.

Due to daily continuous efforts, the Organization develops and implements various projects, bringing new infrastructures and opportunities for Internet management, giving the public knowledge to solve problems along with the development of the Internet, striving for effective local and international cooperation.

The organization is a participant in the first steps to develop the Internet in the country, since 1997 “Internet Society” NGO has provided the domain, which greatly contributed to the spread of the Internet in Armenia, which provides email and web zones for its own web pages to a wide range of public.

The annual Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF) from 2015 and the Armenian School on Internet Governance (ArmSIG) from 2017 are some of the initiatives of ISOC. The first is an open, inclusive platform for dialogue and cooperation that makes Armenia a part of the global IGF, the second provides necessary knowledge for effective participation in Internet governance processes.

Since 2009, an information security center – CERT – has been operating in “Internet society” NGO whose functions are to monitor information security situations and respond to information threats. CERT cooperates with a similar center of the Scientific and Educational Network of Armenia (AM NREN CSIRT website link).

“Armenian national research and educational networks. achievements, problems and solutions” course was organized in 2007 with a grant from the American University of Armenia and NATO.

“Internet Society”NGO provided financial support to the regional community Internet center created with a grant from AUA in 2009.

In the earlier period of “Internet Society” NGO activity the following projects were implemented with grants from the Eurasian Cooperation Fund (ECF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI), training center was created in “Internet Society”NGO, about 700 people were specialized as network administrators and worked in the schools of Armenia where Project Harmony and BHI created computer centers, managers and service providers of 20 telecenters created by BHI in the regions of Armenia were trained. Participating in the “e-rider” movement, “Internet Society” NGO provided technical assistance to non-governmental organizations, libraries and regional schools.