Internet Socity NGO

Armenian Internet Governance Forum (ArmIGF)

“Internet Society” NGO, being the Secretariat for the Internet Governance Council of Armenia, since 2015 organizes the annual Armenian Internet Governance Forum( ArmIGF).
ArmIGF is an open, inclusive, transparent platform for dialogue and cooperation.

  • It is organized in annual meetings format with the participation of representatives of the state, public and private sectors.
  • Internet management issues and problems are discussed, effective experience is presented.
  • ՀContributes to the development of the Internet’s possibilities, to confronting emerging risks and challenges, as well as to the universal understanding and solution of problems.

The main objective of ArmIGF is

  • to provide an open and transparent platform for all stakeholder groups,
  • to bring up and discuss the Internet governance related issues
  • to give the floor to the wide community,
  • to deliver the messages to the policy makers.