Internet Socity NGO

April 28 marks the “Girls in ICT. Access and Security” conference

Joining the global Girls in ICT-2022 campaign, the “Internet Society” NGO and “Internet Society Armenia Chapter” PO invite the “Girls in ICT. access and security” conference.

The goal is to address and encourage women’s participation in the information and communication technology field.
The risks of the digital world and the best ways to prevent them, as well as the opportunities and perspectives of women and girls in STEM education and employment in the STEM area, will be presented to conference attendees by experienced and leading experts from a variety of fields.


  • Lianna Galstyan-“The girls in ICT global movement and a view on women’s involvement in ICT globally and in Armenia”.
  • Lyusi Qocharyan- “Commonly encountered risks in the online platform and methods to prevent them.
  • Karen Gasparyan – “Digital Security or How to be Safe on the Internet”.
  • Gayane Markosyan-“STEM and “Synopsys” educational programs”.
  • Kristina Hakobyan- “ArmSIG – Armenian School on Internet Governance”.

The “Girls in ICT Access and Security” conference will be held in both offline and online formats on April 28 at 15:30 at the “Paris” hotel (address Yerevan, Amiryan 4/6).

Participation is free, registration is mandatory.