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The Universal Access movement, which is gaining popularity around the world, strives to make the Internet more accessible to users in their original languages. For several years, Armenia has been a part of the global movement launched by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

“Universal acceptance represents a viable opportunity to increase multilingual Internet and Internet access.” In 2022, Armenia had 64% Internet access, Azerbaijan had 79%, and Georgia had 58%. This is essential. We must be the South Caucasus’ Internet access pioneer. Armenia should maximize its potential. It is also critical that the Ministry of High-Tech Industry supports the completion of these projects. “We have no right to be left behind,” Igor Mkrtumyan, Chair of the Internet Society Armenia Chapter NGO, remarked on March 28 during the Asia-Pacific regional conference “Universal Acceptance Day” in Yerevan.

On behalf of the Internet Society Armenia Chapter NGO, Armenia is taking deliberate and practical measures toward universal acceptance, and hosting the conference in Yerevan was crucial. Avet Poghosyan, Deputy Minister of HTI Republic of Armenia, welcomed the conference’s conclusion in Armenia.

“The Armenian alphabet is one of the earliest. The Armenian population that understands the alphabet should have a position in universal acceptance. In that sense, the state’s activity and collaboration is targeted at the effective organization of the process and the overall extension of the Armenian presence.”

ICANN is working to provide the globe with the possibility to have a multilingual and multicultural Internet that is also unified. Armenia is putting in a lot of effort to overcome technical issues and raise awareness. Danko Jevtovic, an ICANN board member, stated at the conference that Armenia is a participant in this process and that they are pleased to see the active efforts being made in our nation.

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