26th anniversary of "․am" ccTLD


26th anniversary of "․am" ccTLD

oday our organization celebrates the 26th anniversary of "․am" ccTLD. Congratulations to all of us on this occasion! Let the bright future, many registered names, uninterrupted and sustainable work and new horizons guide us forward. 26 years, about 38000 registred domain names, more than 40 Registrars, numerous implemented programs - this is just the beginning.

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EuroDIG 2020 Workshop

Lianna Galstyan, Internet Society NGO External Relations manager organized a workshop on "Universal Acceptance: a technical or a cultural issue" within the framework of EuroDIG 2020.The Agenda of the workshop: Brief introduction to Universal Acceptance.Technical aspects: Progress, Unsolved issues, Success stories.Cultural aspects: Multilingual Internet, Local identity.Stakeholders engagement: Roles, Responsibilities Q&A, Wrap-up.This year EuroDIG was held remotely under the overarching theme “Towards a sustainable governance of the Internet”.Find the recording of the workshop here: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener" data-lynx-mode="hover"></a>

10 Jun 21:41 - 12 Jun 21:41


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On 12-21 February 2020, Internet Society NGO External Relations Manager Lianna Galstyan participated to APRICOT2020, DotAsia Board of Directors and Annual Meeting, as well as APTLD77 meetings taking place in Melbourne, Australia. Members of the organization Armen Muradyan and Tsovinar Grigoryan were also present at the APTLD77 meeting. On these meetings Ms. Galstyan made a presentation on .am/.հայ domain names market overview, marketing strategy and the work done.

Belarus Internet Governance Forum

Internet Society NGO Board Members Arman Nesisyan, Anna Karakhanyan & Armen Muradyan participated to IGF.BY - Belarus Internet Governance Forum on November 13 in Minsk, Belarus. NGO member Vahan Hovsepyan was also present at the forum, representing RIPE NCC.The forum discussed the following topics: Internet balkanization;Cyber transformation: from business processes to e-government;Internet as a media. What to read and whom to trust;Internet as an inclusive environment;Futurological panel discussion.You can find more details here:

N2 Forum

On 10-12 October 2019 Internet Society NGO along with other local and international partners organized the N2 Forum (Numbers and Names), which included the following events:           10 October The 5th Armenian Internet Governance Forum, organized and hosted by the Internet Governance Council in partnership with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, the Internet Society NGO and Internet Society Armenia Chapter. Armenian Network Operators Group Forum organized and hosted by the Union of Operators of Armenia in partnership with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia. Internet Society Internet of Things Special Interest Group Workshop, organized by Internet Society IoT SIG. 11 October RIPE NCC Banking workshop organized by RIPE NCC and hosted by the Central Bank of Armenia. Youth IGF Armenia, organized by a team of young enthusiasts, formed on a multi-stakeholder principle and co-organized by the Internet Society Armenia Chapter. 11-12 October The fourth Eastern European Domain Name System Forum (EEDNSF), organized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and hosted by the Internet Society NGO, .am ccTLD Registry.   The Forum with the slogan "Working together for the digital future" was held with the support of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia. At the Grand Opening Ceremony, the keynote speeches were delivered by the Minister Hakob Arshakyan, ICANN President and CEO Göran Marby, RIPE NCC Managing Director Axel Pawlik, UN IGF MAG member and Armenia IGF Coordinator Lianna Galstyan and Director of the Union of Operators of Armenia Kristine Gyonjyan. Then followed the Plenary session “Digital Future: Challenges and Opportunities” with participation of Armen Abroyan, Deputy Minister of HTI Ministry, Frédéric Donck, Internet Society European Bureau Director, Göran Marby, Axel Pawlik and with moderation of Sorina Teleanu, SEEDIG Executive Committee Chair. The Forum aimed to create a base for the leading industry experts, network operators, service providers and other representatives of the Internet and ICT community to discuss common interests and ideas, to learn about the new trends of the industry, to share experience and to find opportunities for cooperation.