The new version of the official website for the “Internet Society” NGO.


The new version of the official website for the “Internet Society” NGO.

The new version of the official website for the “Internet Society” NGO is launched. The content representing the chronicle of ISOC Armenia activity available at is transferred to the <a class="moz-txt-link-freetext_mailru_css_attribute_postfix" href="" target="_blank" rel=" noopener noreferrer" data-snippet-id="ed7cf82-de8-4d30-11c6-9b7db8e8f186"></a> website. 

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ArmSIG | Internet Society, DiploFoundation

On 10 February, our first speaker is Ceren Ünal, the European Chapter Development Manager at Internet Society. Ms. Ünal will speak about "Internet Society", its mission, structure and main activities. Our next speaker will be Igor Mkrtumyan, the President of "Internet Society" NGO, one of the pioneers of establishing Internet in Armenia who has made an immense contribution to its development within the country, as well as to the launch of Armenian ccTLDs ".am" and ".հայ". Igor Mkrtumyan will present "Internet Society" NGO, its mission and main activities. Sorina Teleanu, Dgital Policy Senior Researcher at DiploFoundation, Executive Committee Chair at SEEDIG (South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance), who is originally from Romania and currently based in Malta, will speak about the role and mission of DiploFoundation in Internet Governance and its main activities. Lianna Galstyan, the Executive Committee member at SEEDIG, will make a presentation of SEEDIG annual meetings as well as intersessional activities.

10 February at 17:46 - 17:46


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Board Member Siranush Vardanyan and members of the organization Narine Khachatryan and Kristina Hakobyan participated in the ICANN61 meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

DotAsia membership

"Internet Society" NGO became the member of DotAsia since 24 February, 2018.

APTLD73/APRICOT2018 meetings in Nepal

Internet Society NGO Board Member Lianna Galstyan took part in the APTLD73 meeting held on 22-23 February in Kathmandu, Nepal, hosted by .NP ccTLD. Representatives from Asia-Pacific ccTLDs were present at the meeting, where Ms. Galstyan presented the Policy of Domain Name Registration in AM/ՀԱՅ. Ms. Galstyan also participated in a meeting organized by the Internet Society Nepal Chapter in the framework of the APRICOT2018 (February 25-28) meeting. On these meetings days, during the Board Meeting of DotAsia, celebrating the 10-year anniversary, the DotAsia membership of Internet Society NGO wasapproved.