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“” winner two times, Ara Trvants. I have to be accurate in whatever I write.

Ara is 14 years old. The following academic year, he will attend high school. He is both extremely talkative and quiet. He feels uncomfortable to discuss himself or his past actions. In the meantime, there’s a chance: he won the second prize in the “Wiki.hay” competition twice.

I started off editing Wikidaran, then I moved on to editing Wikipedia,” Ara said in a brief statement.
He has four years of professional experience in that field, having learned it from his father.
– For the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, I am the editor in charge. Ara was also taught by me. He has now ahead of me by his results. Ararat Trvants, Ara’s father, stated that up to now, he has authored over 700 articles, 154 of which are for “Wiki.Hay” 2023.
The Trvants, an extended family with deep roots in Khndzoresk, understand the importance of the border. Apart from their involvement in the nation’s physical defense, they are also striving to broaden Armenia’s and Armenians’ online perspectives.

– This year, among other articles, I published about Armenians in the Great Patriotic War, Armenians in California, and Deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh. I research many sources, compile data, and write. Ara clarified, “I have to be accurate in everything I write.”

They are unaware of Ara’s contributions to Wikipedia, particularly the honors he receives while a student at the 197th school, about which he remains silent. He doesn’t have time to discuss his accomplishments because he has so many hobbies.
I attended classes for piano, wrestling, and other things. I’m busy right now, but Wikipedia is something I can always find time for. It captures my interest. I want to write, and I have enough time to do it.

These days, Ara Trvants contributes entries about people and groups advancing the IT industry in Armenia to the Wikimedia online encyclopedia, such as the “Internet Society” NGO.