History of the "Internet Society" NGO

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Commercial Internet in Armenia started using analog lines of VNIIPAS in 1992. In 1993, the first Armenian web server www.arminco.com was installed, the server was running UNIX SCO (Santa Cruz Operations) UN, responsible E.Danelyan, the company Arminco, the head A.Aleksyan, the technical director G.Sagiyan. In the same year, the Yerevan Institute of Physics (head R. Mkrtchyan) installed a space communication station and an independent telecommunications channel with the Internet. Coordination of the project was carried out by M. Cardonsky and E. Prokhorenko. In 1996, the company Inofkom (100% of the shares owned by the RA Ministry of Communications), headed by David Rostomyan, established a connection with the Canadian Internet provider - Teleglob company with a capacity of 128 kbit / s, and the sytem administrator - Emin Gabrielyan.

The first Internet domains of Armenia were registered before the appearance of the own domain zone AM - in the general domains of the highest level (.com), which was due to the ostium for that period of the AM zone. It should be noted that at that time most countries did not carry their domain name, and its right to maintain the domain name was determined by a simple rule - does the country have the technical and intellectual capabilities of running its own domain name? As it turned out, Armenia had such an opportunity. Practical relaization of the right to own their own domain name was possible after the founders of the American University of Armenia, Mihran Agbabyan, Armen Ter-Kyuregyan and representatives of the diaspora, Richard Huat and Ruben Nalbandyan, sent the Director of the Information Department of the AUA, I. Mkrtumyan, to the first Internet conference - INET93 , where the main requirements were announced for organizations that have the right to conduct national domains - unification of the country's Internet users into an organization that could represent Inter there is no community of the country when interacting with world organizations and speak on their behalf. At the same conference, a provision was approved that the national Internet community of a given country should manage the national domain.

 Immediately after INET93 an initiative group was formed, which included well-known figures representing the entire spectrum of the Internet communities of Armenia: A. Alexanian, G. Sagyan (Arminco), R. Mkrtchyan, A. Toneyan, K. Hovhannisyan, R. Gevorgyan (ErFI) , Y. Shukuryan, S. Shukuryan, V. Sahakyan (NAS), T. Zargaryan (Medical Institute), T. Nazaryan (United Nations), K. Erznkanyan (Institute of Radiophysics), A. Nazaryan (Institute of Laser L. Peshtmaljyan, H. Vahanyan (Constant Court of Armenia), E. Danelyan, S. Stepanyan (Arminco), T. Zargaryan (Med.Universitet), Anna Karakhanyan and others.

The initiative group developed the Charter of the Internet Society (www.isoc.am), coordinated it in 1995. registered the organization in the Ministry of Justice of Armenia. I. Mkrtumyan was elected as the president of the organization, and V.Sahakyan, G.Sagiyan, A.Toneyan and A.Nazaryan were vice-presidents. Members of the society were representatives of universities and institutes, the Academy of Sciences, the media, banks, service providers, schools, colleges, humanitarian organizations. Membership in the society is open to all who wish to share the universal values ​​that underlie modern civilization.

The management of the Armenian domain is one of the main activities of ISOC AM, and the delegation of these rights was carried out by J. Postel, a person whose scale is yet to be realized and appreciated by the next generations.

 At the 3rd World Internet Conference (INET95) for negotiations on the receipt of these rights on behalf of the Internet Society of Armenia. As a result of negotiations, the head of the IANA, John Postel, agreed to apply for the delegation of the Internet top-level domain .AM to the Company, which was granted in 1996.

Upon receipt of the rights to aministerize the domain of the AM zone, its administration was transferred to the Armenian Network Information Center (AMNIC, www.amnic.net), which was created and operated by Arminco. Currently, AMNIC operates within the Internet Society, has its own Autonomous System and directly manages the Armenian domain.

Formation of AMNIC is inextricably linked with E. Danielyan, a specialist who can be proud of our camp, the author of a number of books on the security of operating systems, computer networks and systems, and his deputy, G. Dadivanyan.

The development of the Internet led to the creation in 1998 of the corporation ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), in the management of which IANA functions were transferred. The transfer of management was carried out gradually from 1998 to 2000. ICANN decided that administrators of national domains through exchange of letters of credit confirm ICANN's responsibility for Internet governance, and ICANN, in turn, confirmed the rights to manage national domains. In 2007 the exchange of letters between ICANN and RA IS was held.

Gagik Grigoryan, the head of the demarchement of external relations of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Armenia, was appISnted representative to the Governmental Advisory Council in the ICANN (GAC) by the RA, who is also a member of the Council of IS.

In the year 2000 The IS becomes a member of the Council of European National Level Domain Registries (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries,CENTR).

In 2008 The Armenian IS was admitted to the ccNSO, a division of ICANN, which jISns national domain managers.

In 2007, the IS became the Armenian branch of the World Internet Society (ISI). Ya. Gaevsky and V. Markovsky recommended the society for registration at the WIP.

The IS also represents the scientific and educational network of Armenia in the Association of Scientific and Educational Networks of Central and Eastern Europe (CEENet).

In 2009, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Armenia and the IS.

One of the main goals of the IS is to provide a reliable and stable national Internet infrastructure, namely the national domain name servers. The work of the Armenian segment of the Internet depends on this. The IS carries out continuous work on the modernization of the Armenian segment infrastructure, the introduction of new standards for its security (DNSSEC) and the new version of IPv6 addressing, as well as the creation of parallel servers for the national domain zone .AM.

 The IS carried out a number of projects on the development of the Internet in Armenia. In particular, under the grants of the Eurasia Foundation and the Open Society Institute (OSI). A training center was established in the IS on the grant of the Eurasia Foundation. According to grants, OSI IS prepared about 700 network administrators for schools in Armenia, where computer centers connected to the Internet were created by OSI grants and Project Harmony.

 Based on the PSI grant, managers and staff were trained for 20 telecentres (Intranet public centers) established by PSI in the regions of Armenia (http://telecenters.isoc.am).

Also, as part of the PSI grant, the society participated in the e-rider movement (mobile consultants), http://erider.isoc.am, providing technical assistance to NGOs, libraries and schools in the regions of Armenia.

In the year 2009. VIS provided a Community Grant program for the establishment of a regional community Internet center (grant manager, member of the IS, Margarita Solomonyan.) The grant was created by the regional community Internet center in Vanadzor, the main city of the region Lori: The Center is successfully functioning, contributing to the penetration of the Internet into the region.

 According to the NATO / NATO grant in 2007. The seminar "Armenian National Research and Education Networks: Achievements, Problems and Solutions" was held.


 The IS provides the functioning of the Freenet.am domain, which provides the Internet to the general public, using ordinary telephone communication for Internet access. Freenet.am subscribers (www.freenet.am) receive e-mail and web space for their own web pages.

 In the year 2009. The Information Security Center CERT AM (www.cert.am) was opened in the IS, the purpose of which is to monitor the situation with information security and respond to information threats. The head of the center is Grigory Sagyan, administrator - Inna Kholodova. The center cooperates with the analogous center of the scientific and educational network of Armenia (AM NREN CSIRT), which is headed by Petrosyan Arthur.

 Representatives of the IS periodically took part in the INET conference in order to gain experience in managing the national domain. Many members of the society participate in international conferences. Several members of the society were trained on certification courses and received certificates of teachers in various disciplines.

 Segodnya in Armenia has registered more than 21 thousand domains (www.amnic.net). Currently, 13 domain registrars operate in Armenia in the AM zone. Virtually all leading service providers in Armenia have the status of domain name registrars in the AM zone.

 The IS is one of the founders of the ARMIX fund, whose goal is to create a national center for exchanging Internet traffic to facilitate the exchange of information between Armenian service providers, reduce the burden on international communication channels and ensure the autonomy of the Armenian segment of the Internet.

The IS is also a participant in the project to protect children from threats on the Internet (www.safe.am), a 24-hour hotline for receiving and recording messages about malicious content.

Recently a monitoring group of the Armenian Internet was established in the IS, headed by G. Vahanyan. Its purpose is to monitor the Armenian Internet space with the aim of promoting the development of secure Internet content, deprived of information, propagandizing violence, racial and religious dislike, etc. The monitoring team analyzes web sites using modern network technologies, conducts a rating assessment of the citation, quality and relevance of the web resources, periodically publishes the results of a comparative rating analysis of media websites, educational institutions, government departments, etc. This work, in an orderly degree, stimulates the development of Internet content in Armenia and promotes its quality, promotes competition in the development of e-democracy and e-governance, e-education and the glasnosis in the Armenian segment of the Internet and in the Internet community.