ITU Regional Workshop and IoT SIG meeting

07 Apr 2018

 Internet Society NGO Vice President Grigori Saghyan, Director Arman Nersisyan and Board Members Armen Muradyan and Vahan Hovsepyan, participated in the Internet of Things Special Interest Group (IOT SIG) preparatory meeting, as well as in ITU Regional Workshop for Europe and CIS on "Cybersecurity and Child Online Protection" held on April 4-6 in Odessa, Ukraine.

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IGF 2018: First Open Consultations and MAG meeting

20 Mar 2018

Internet Society NGO Board Member Lianna Galstyan participated in her new role as Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) member to the IGF 2018 First Open Consultations and MAG meeting held on 19-22 March in Geneva, Switzerland.

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13 Mar 2018

Internet Society NGO Board Member Siranush Vardanyan and members of the organization Narine Khachatryan and Kristina Hakobyan participated in the ICANN61 meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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DotAsia membership

07 Mar 2018

"Internet Society" NGO became the member of DotAsia since 24 February, 2018.

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APTLD73/APRICOT2018 meetings in Nepal

07 Mar 2018

Internet Society NGO Board Member Lianna Galstyan took part in the APTLD73 meeting held on 22-23 February in Kathmandu, Nepal, hosted by .NP ccTLD. Representatives from Asia-Pacific ccTLDs were present at the meeting, where Ms. Galstyan presented the Policy of Domain Name Registration in AM/ՀԱՅ. Ms. Galstyan also participated in a meeting organized by the Internet Society Nepal Chapter in the framework of the APRICOT2018 (February 25-28) meeting. On these meetings days, during the Board Meeting of DotAsia, celebrating the 10-year anniversary, the DotAsia membership of Internet Society NGO wasapproved.

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EuroDIG 2018 Planning Meeting in Tbilisi

07 Feb 2018

On 1 February, Board Members of the “Internet Society” NGO Lianna Galstyan and Vahan Hovsepyan participated to the EuroDIG 2018 planning meeting in Tbilisi, where the program of the annual meeting, participation principles and cooperation with other national Internet Governance Forums (IGFs) were discussed.   EuroDIG is the European Dialogue on Internet Governance, which every year is held in different European country. Be reminded that this year  EuroDIG 2018 will take place on 5-6 June in Tbilisi. For more details, please visit the official EuroDIG website.

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Internet Society NGO announces the launch of the Second Edition of the Armenian School on Internet Governance

15 Jan 2018

Internet Society NGO announces the launch of the Second Edition of the Armenian School on Internet Governance. The five-month free course will take place at the American University of Armenia in the coordination with the "United Armenian Volunteers League".The whole course is divided into six sections: Introduction, Technical, Legal, Security, Economic and Socio-Cultural․Thematic discussions will be held in different formats: Q&As, debates, webinars, open discussions, etc. where the students will have an opportunity to use the practical information they learn.Out of the 89 applicants from different Armenian Universities, 38 students were selected for this course. The start of the 2nd Edition of ArmSIG was on January 13.

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The new version of the official website for the “Internet Society” NGO

11 Jan 2018

The new version of the official website for the “Internet Society” NGO is launched. The content representing the chronicle of ISOC Armenia activity available at is transferred to the website. 

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Vahan Martirosyan and Göran Marby signed a Memorandum of Understanding

29 Dec 2017

On December 19, 2017 in the Palais Des Nations, UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the Minister of Transport, Communication and IT Vahan Martirosyan and CEO and the President of ICANN Göran Marby signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The signing ceremony was attended by Permanent Representatives of the Embassy of Armenia in Switzerland as well as "Internet Society" NGO Vice President Grigori Saghyan and Board Member Lianna Galstyan. Alexandra Kulikova, the Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement for Eastern Europe & Central Asia at ICANN, highlighted the significance of the participation of Civil Society organizations in the activities of ICANN, particularly the "Internet Society" NGO, and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding became an important step towards cooperation at the state level.

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