Global events


Delegates from Armenia at #ENOG16

3 Jun - 4 Jun
Tbilisi, Georgia

Internet Society NGO members took part in ENOG 16 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting which is taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 3-4 June 2019.The goal of ENOG Meetings is for operators from the region to share experiences and discuss common interests and ideas for the local and global Internet community.Check out ENOG16 Meeting agenda and more information here >>

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Lianna Galstyan, in the DotAsia Board Members meeting in Hong Kong

6 May - 6 May
Hong Kong

"Internet Society" NGO Board Member Lianna Galstyan, in the DotAsia Board Members meeting in Hong Kong. “From.Asia / For.Asia” is the main philosophy of the organization. DotAsia is the Sponsoring Organization and Registry Operator for the .Asia Sponsored Generic Top Level Domain (TLD). The organisation is promoting Internet development and adoption in Asia.

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15 May - 17 May
Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The main purpose of the 4th Central Asian Internet Governance Forum is to strengthening of the existing public platform for the discussion of policies regarding Internet governance in Central Asian countries. The forum has been held since 2016. This year it was held on 15-17 May, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The Forum started with discussions on such subjects, as: Internet governance to address the geographical limitations of Central Asia in the digital era, Digital rights in a transnational context, Transforming geographic challenges into digital opportunities in Central Asia, Using the Internet to strengthen the resilience of the region, Cybersecurity of individuals, society and the state and more. Interner Society Members Lianna Galstyan and Vahan Hovsepyan participated to CAIGF 2019. Lianna represented ALAC and APRALO at the Academic Engagement Day, which was held on 14 May, 2019 before the CAIGF.

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2nd Open Consultations and MAG meeting and WSIS 2019

8 Apr - 12 Apr
Geneva, Switzerland

The second face-to-face 2019 Open Consultations and Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) meeting took place at the ITU building in Geneva, Switzerland. The MAG member Lianna Galstyan participated in the discussions of shaping the IGF2019 to be held on 25-29 November in Berlin, Germany. In parallel, the 10th WSIS Forum 2019 gathered delegations from many countries at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Minister of Transport, Communication and IT Hakob Arshakyan delivered a speech at the WSIS Forum, presenting the developments in the field of technology in Armenia and state policy and priorities for the sector development. For online participation in the Open Consultations and MAG meeting >> To be updated on WSIS >>

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Russian Internet Governance Forum 2019

8 Apr - 8 Apr
Moscow, Russia

  On 8 April 2019 the 10th Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF2019) was held in Moscow, Russia. The forum was opened by Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ ccTLDs, and TV host Sofiko Shevardnadze. This year among many plenary sessions and discussions, #rigf2019 also launched a series of anniversary events in celebration of the 25th anniversary of .RU. The forum participants witnessed an event - a jubilee postage stamp issuing ceremony, discussed the evolution of the Internet, global network management and other topics of Internet governance. Internet Society NGO Director Arman Nersisyan, members  Anna Karakhanyan, Armen Muradyan, Andranik Minasyan and Vahan Hovsepyan participated in RIGF2019. Internet Society NGO sincerely congratulated .RU for its 25th anniversary. Presentations and video-report of the forum will be published on the website >>

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9 Mar - 14 Mar
Kobe, Japan

ICANN64 took place on 9-14 March, 2019, in Kobe, Japan.  “Internet Society NGO” Board members Siranush Vardanyan, Lianna Galstyan and Kristina Hakobyan participated in ICANN64. Their participation contributed to many sessions and discussions around the most demanded issues. ICANN64 included topics such as: DNS fundamentals, IDNs and Universal Acceptance, Policy discussions, ccNSO and gNSO. For more information about ICANN64:

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75th APTLD meeting & 6th Middle East DNS Forum

20 Feb - 21 Feb
Dubai, UAE

On 20-21 February, 2019, Internet Society NGO members Lianna Galstyan and Vahan Hovsepyan participated to the 75th APTLD and 6th Middle East DNS Forum in Dubai, UAE. External Relations Manager Lianna Galstyan made a presentation on .am/.հայ ccTLDs at the Policy Session of APTLD meeting. The presentation is available here:

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IGF 2019: First Open Consultations and MAG meeting

28 Jan - 30 Jan
Geneva, Switzerland

Internet Society NGO External Relations Manager Lianna Galstyan participated as a Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) member to the IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG meeting held on 28-30 January in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting was planned to receive inputs from the wide community and stocktaking of the IGF 2018 and to discuss the process and upcoming work towards the IGF 2019 to be held on 25-29 November, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

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GeoNOG 2018

10 Dec - 11 Dec
Tbilisi, Georgia

The 4th Georgian Internet Governance Forum and the Georgian Network Operators meeting took part on 10-11 December 2018, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The forum created a platform for subjects that are the most discussed and demanded in Georgia, such as: Internet Access, Safe Internet Puzzle, ccTLDs and IDNs (.GE and .გე), Content, Copyright and about the Next Generation and the Georgian IG Community.Internet Society NGO members Armen Muradyan, Andranik Minasyan, Annie Dallakian, Arnak Melikyan, Grigori Saghyan, Lianna Galstyan, Siranush Vardanyan, Vahan Hovsepyan and Kristine Gyonjyan actively participated to these meetings.Internet Society Armenia Chapter members participated to GeoIGF2018 as panel speakers for “Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities” session. Lianna Galstyan, the Board Chair, gave a brief introduction about #MAG and spoke about #SEEDIG initiative and its capacity development programmes and engagement opportunities. Vahan Hovsepyan, Board Member, shared opportunities of RIPE NCC Fellowship Programs.For more detailed info on GeoIGF 2018 `

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