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Vahan Hovespyan

External Relations Officer of RIPE NCC

Vahan Hovespyan has coordinated and headed several delegations of Armenian technological companies to a number of events and activities in Georgia, Russia, Austria and other coutnries. He acts as a Jury member of GITI Award from 2009. As a Director of New Technology Education Fund Mr. Hovespyan headed a delegation of 26 Armenian ICT companies to 18 European Countries in the framework of Armenian ICT European Expedition in 2015. Mr. Hovsepyan is an initiator and co-initiator of different projects in technological development field. He is a President of Armenian Association of Netherlands Alumni, Director of ARMIX Foundation and Armenian Union of Operators, Board Member of ISOC Armenia. He has been assigned as a head of Strategic Development Working Group by ISOC Armenia Board. From July 2017 he acts as an External Relations Officer of RIPE NCC, responsible for Caucasus and Central Asia.