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Arman Nersisyan

Director, “Internet Technology Center” Ltd.

Since 2010 Arman Nersisyan is the Director of “Internet Technology Center” Ltd.

Mr. Nersisyan has graduated from National Polytechnic University of Armenia. He has been in the field of IT since 1998, at the same time he started his job at “Internet Society '' NGO, then, from 2011 to 2019 he held the Director's position.

From 2013 to 2019 he was the proprietor of “Arminco”LLC. From 2015 Mr. Nersisyan was elected as a member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and IT of the Republic of Armenia, in 2016 was elected as a President of Association of Armenian Operators.

Mr. Nersisyan actively took part in the development of the IT sphere, using his professional skills and technical-economic capacities. He participated in development processes, being both the initiator and the executor.

Mr. Nersisyan has been a Board member of “Internet Society'' NGO for many years and has an experience of effective discussions and communications with representatives of many spheres.