Internet Socity NGO

Armenian email addresses – soon in .հայ

The .հայ domain name zone are still being promoted by the “Internet Society” NGO. It has been already six years since the Organization provides the opportunity to register a fully Armenian domain name in .հայ domain name zone. Currently, it is trying to create an opportunity to fully usage of Armenian email addresses on the Internet.

The “Internet Society” NGO works with many professional circles to achieve this goal and takes action to resolve the issues.
The topic of completely utilizing native language domains in application programs was discussed by Hakob Muradyan, a representative of the “Young Developers” NGO, and Igor Mkrtumyan, the Chair of the Board of the “Internet Society” NGO.

Igor Mkrtumyan clarified, “At this time, our primary objective is to have an Armenian email in the near future, to build at least one server in Armenia that allows address registration and application.